Chronicles of Chronic Solitude — #32

It has been completely downhill since I turned 25. Hangovers besting me, temperamental issues, five hours of rest not being good enough anymore, growing impatience, stressing about the future and all…

I turned 32 on Thursday. Things were already changing in my life and I was expecting a few resolutions, as I “sure didn’t mind a change”*.

Old dog, old tricks: My cystic acne came back. Tried three courses of antibiotics, a facial, different washes, moisturisers and all... Nope. I was back to my “pide” face. $200 and a visit to an Inner City dermatologist later, I was back with Isotretinoin. Took the first cap on the first day after my birthday. Even though the doctor told me that I would be fine if I “moderated” my drinking, moderation has never been my forte. Well, au revoir, Victoria Bitter; au revoir, Yeni Raki; au revoir, Jack Daniel’s; au revoir, Russian Standard! It’s day 3 completely sober. I feel agitated; especially because we are under lockdown but I know that I won tougher battles.

Back to the fundamentals of nutrition: I have been cooking quite often for the last couple years and I can rate myself a six or seven in the kitchen. Yet, I wanted one thing for my birthday: a charcoal kebab. Both UBEReats and Menulog screwed me over. I waited for nearly 2 hours (in total) and I was still hungry. (Menulog restaurant cancelled on me after 45 mins, UBEReats — who knows where the delivery guy was, after an hour) As a direct result of my impatient nature, I decided to uninstall all the food delivery apps. When I thought about it later on, I noticed the amount of money and time (indecisive) I spent on them. “If I crave for something that bad, I should at least put some effort in it and go and pick it up.”

8 ball: I celebrated my 8th week smoke free. Not a bad feeling. Champix is the third miracle Pfizer gifted to humankind. (After Viagra and Covid-19 jab)

Unsubscribe from my channel please: I have been rewatching/relistening the same content, on YouTube for quite some time, because it was easier to consume again and again, rather than discovering something new and keeping focused. I got rid of about 20 channels. Finished Extras S01 (2nd time after 2 years) and Avenue 5 S01 (first time) in two days. Highly recommend both.

Travel light, live light: I decluttered my place. A massive box of random stationary, some CD cases with no CD’s in them, a coffee table, a bench, a bookshelf, encyclopaedia and more… A second step was to redecorate my office room/study as the number of Covid-19 cases in NSW was pretty clear about one thing: it’s not here for a good time, it’s here for a long time.

Ready to launch my bellend shaped rocket into space: Instead of buying myself a birthday pressie, I chucked in $100 on a few cryptocoins. It’s already $109 now. What should I call my rocket?

Workout for seniors: I started exercising in low tempo as years of smoking chop with no workout killed my body. At least I can fix my cardio before gyms and swimming pools are back open.

“I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille and my n..sack is made of steel.”: I live alone; under a lockdown. Have no one to pay me a visit anymore, I don’t enjoy “walkies” like a dog when it’s breezy July in Sydney and I seriously don’t know when everything will be back to business as usual. Yet, I noticed that my survival instinct overcomes the depression (which is so easy to slip into, during a pandemic) and my n..sack isn’t the only thing made of steel.

See ya in six months and don’t forget: doing it too many times doesn’t turn you blind.

*: Soundgarden — Fell On Black Days



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